Funding guidelines 2023

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Application form (sample 2022!)

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Documents for application

Leaflet on the Promotion of Women (LGV) with SKWK Logo 109.9 KB (from a funding amount of 25.000€)

Form for granting LGV 43.9 KB (from a funding amount of 25.000€)


Information on handling grant funds

Information sheet on handling grant funds 237.6 KB


 Info Flyer:

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Information on approval procedures with Berlin authorities

As a rule, events in public spaces require permits. Depending on the location where the event is to take place, these permits are issued by different authorities.

These are, for example, the green space offices for parks or the street and traffic offices or the public order offices for streets and other public spaces. You can find an initial overview of the most important permits and contact persons in the city of Berlin here:

Event Permits - Services - Service Berlin -

In Berlin, the regulations vary from district to district. This means that you should always contact the office in the district where the event is to take place directly.

For example, if you want to play music or sell drinks, you will need a permit.

It's best to find out as early as possible from the relevant offices about the feasibility of the events!

On the website of the Berlin Project Fund Urbane Praxis you can find a checklist on approval procedures with Berlin authorities, which can also be helpful for your events.


Watch now: Info session about permits

Check out our info session about permits and legal procedures in Berlin with Kreativ Kultur Berlin. The event was held in German Spoken Language and German Sign Language. In the video, our expert Alexandra von Samson explains which permits are needed, how a permit process works, what needs to be taken into account, and which actors and authorities play a role. The info session was aimed specifically at applicants for the DRAUSSENSTADT Call for Action. Watch now on youtube:


Material for funded projects

In all publications and advertising (print or digital), it must be pointed out that the project is part of the DRAUSSENSTADT initiative, funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe and the Foundation for Cultural Education and Cultural Consulting. The corresponding logos can be found here:

 Ein Teil von Draussenstadt:

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Gefördert von:

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Documents to settle accounts of your project